Heres is the proposed agenda for the March 25th meeting.


Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council (GSNC)

Organizing Committee Agenda

(Whatever the committee proposes should go before a full vote of the GSNC)

March 25, 2010

  1. Review   3/16/2010 notes of first general meeting for additions, corrections, clarification of discussions.
  2. Set dates for next OC meeting and general meeting of GSNC
  3. Form a meeting location task group
  4. Discuss proposed By-Laws, Non-discrimination and affirmative action statement and effective date
  5. Discuss membership criteria and dues.  Eg. “active members” pay dues, general members- are registered voters in our area“
  6. Develop slate of GSNC Officers and Representative to SW District Council
  7. Develop proposed boundaries of GSNC
  8. Develop a Vision statement.  i.e  “Our vision is a community where ________________. To bring that vision into reality, we will  ______________________________ for Genesee Hill and Schmitz Park Communities.
  9. Plan next general meeting of GSNC (speaker Steven Sundquist, WS rep on Seattle School Board?)

10.  Brainstorm issues of concern to GSNC, i.e. Genesee School property, emergency preparedness, etc.

11.   Discuss Small Sparks application to increase membership in GSNC i.e. When and why to apply for this grant

12.   Motion to adjourn