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Next Organizing Group Meeting – 4/15 at PCC at 7PM

Here is the agenda for the April 15th meeting of the Genesee Schmitz NC organizing committee.

If you haven’t already, please take time to review the by-laws at

and make comments and/or be prepared to discuss them at the meeting.

Report from 4/7 Southwest District Council Meeting


GENESEE SCHMITZ NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: SWDC heard briefly from the acting chair of this new group, Dick Miller (we covered its organizational meeting last month), and celebrated its formation as a success – with one rep noting it’s a community council NOT borne of crisis, though the neighborhood certainly has a central issue of focus right now – the future of the Genesee Hill Elementary School site, empty this year after Pathfinder K-8 moved to Pigeon Point. GSNC has a website, Miller mentioned, but nobody knew the address – we hope to get that in e-mail later today, and will add it to this story (as well as to the Community Groups list in the WSB sidebar). 11:29 AM UPDATE: Here’s the link.


It was good to go to the meeting last night with 6 of us there for the new Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council.  We were very warmly received.  We let it be known to City Council President Richard Conlin that the destiny of the Genesee School property is important to us.  Mr. Conlin told us that the Council is working to complement the School district.  The City wants to make school “assets” useful to the whole city.  Our issue is: “How to make closed facilities an asset to the community.”

The Council has no problem with our proposed boundaries, and let us know that boundaries often overlap and are a bit fuzzy.

Here are some ideas I got from the meeting for getting our council off the ground:

1.       Do we need a Neighborhood Plan like the one which Admiral has developed?  If so, can we get a city-funded consultant as Admiral did?

2.       What is the zoning throughout our area?   Do we have development issues as some of the other neighborhoods do?  Are we purely residential?  Will we stay that way?

3.       We should identify potential P-Patch areas, as it looks like there is a lot of money for that.

4.       How do we get ourselves off the ground, and what pitfalls do we avoid:  it might make sense for us to meet with the representatives of each of the other members to learn from their experiences.  It looks like we share an interest with the Fairmont neighborhood, as they also have an unused school in their area.  We should talk with Sharon Meeks from Fairmount about this.

5.       Our next step, after adopting by-laws, getting boundaries in place, and electing officers, might be to develop our mission statement.  What are our goals?  Some of the other members have coalesced over immediate action items:  Genesee School is ours (I like referring to it as Genesee School, since that is OUR name, rather than Pathfinder.  Easier for everybody to identify it with us.)

For 4/1 Meeting – Agenda, Boundaries, ByLaws

Agenda for the 4/1 Meeting – GSNC-OCagenda4-1-10

Please bring the following documents to discuss and vote on in the 4/1 meeting.  Outcomes will be the detailed proposed to a general meeting for officially establishing the GSNC.

ByLaws Genesee-SchmitzDraftBy-laws1

Boundaries Genesee-schmitz_project1

About Boundaries:  Following are issues as defined by Melissa  who reviewed the issues and pulled the map together for us.

Two things to note.
1) I have placed the north boundary at Hinds Street. I did this after driving around and feeling that that was the right street verse Hanford. We do not have any Schmitz community people to help inform our group understanding of how they view the neighborhood; we are all from Genesee, so from my perspective the boundary ought to be Hinds. Obviously this is up for debate, so please discuss further.
Two, The south east boundary has a double line which shows the boundary of the Junction Urban Village. It is important that all other neighborhood groups understand that we border the Junction and view ourselves as the neighboring single family residential community to that commercial area. We are their clients. We need to establish a healthy relationship with the Junction association. They need us, we need them.
Additionally, the Planning Area Boundary of the West Seattle Junction extends out Charlestown and down 52nd. Completely within our neighborhood which makes collaboration imperative. It is in everyone’s best interest to find the “highest and best use” for the Genesee School site. Such as a park and recreational facility for all. While the Urban village is programed for density, we are not. So where are all those people going to recreate. The opportunity to strongly recommend that the Seattle Parks And the City work to address these needs would be to everyone’s benefit. Better bus service, tree-lined streets, etc. can all play into a proposal jointly crafted from us and the Junction for redevelopment of the Genesee Hill School site. I would be excited to work on this with the Junction group and others.

Next Meeting – April 1 at 7PM

The next meeting of the Organizing Committee will be April 1 at 7PM in the PCC Meeting Room.

Agenda for March 25th Organizing Committee meeting

Heres is the proposed agenda for the March 25th meeting.


Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council (GSNC)

Organizing Committee Agenda

(Whatever the committee proposes should go before a full vote of the GSNC)

March 25, 2010

  1. Review   3/16/2010 notes of first general meeting for additions, corrections, clarification of discussions.
  2. Set dates for next OC meeting and general meeting of GSNC
  3. Form a meeting location task group
  4. Discuss proposed By-Laws, Non-discrimination and affirmative action statement and effective date
  5. Discuss membership criteria and dues.  Eg. “active members” pay dues, general members- are registered voters in our area“
  6. Develop slate of GSNC Officers and Representative to SW District Council
  7. Develop proposed boundaries of GSNC
  8. Develop a Vision statement.  i.e  “Our vision is a community where ________________. To bring that vision into reality, we will  ______________________________ for Genesee Hill and Schmitz Park Communities.
  9. Plan next general meeting of GSNC (speaker Steven Sundquist, WS rep on Seattle School Board?)

10.  Brainstorm issues of concern to GSNC, i.e. Genesee School property, emergency preparedness, etc.

11.   Discuss Small Sparks application to increase membership in GSNC i.e. When and why to apply for this grant

12.   Motion to adjourn